Andy Doig in the Studio

Listen And Repeat: Learn English With Andy Doig

Andy takes a moment to help make a class for Italians learning English.

Created from glass tubes and rare gases, neon lighting is a colourful and instantly recognisable part of modern-day advertising. Just think of downtown Tokyo, or Times Square in New York, or even “The Strip” in Las Vegas – all of them alive with huge neon displays.

Brighton, on the south coast of England, isn’t quite so full of neon, but it still provides plenty of work for Andy Doig, 44, who has been designing, building and repairing neon signs for more than 20 years. He runs his business, Fishtail Neon, from a smallworkshop, which is full of neon, old and new, near the city’s seafront. Doig first fell in love with what he calls the “magic in science” of neon on a visit to the United States..