Photoshoot – Steven Cragg *Update*

We have been very lucky to have several photo shoots at the Fishtail Neon Studios,  Most recently Steven Cragg used the studio to produce a series of beautiful images, along with Great Frog Jewelry.

Here is a Teaser from the shoot..  More to come later!



UPDATE:  New Images from the shoot entitled Electric Maryland

Many of Andy Doigs pieces featured in this shoot, such as the Large Crosses and Ring Masters Star can be bought as limited editions from this site. Please click here to be taken to our shop page.

  1. Matt Farrar
    Matt Farrar12-04-2014

    I’m a sound engineer for a band called Savages. We have a show tomorrow at the Concorde and I’ve been asked to take some photographic portraits of a musical double act by the name of A Dead Forest Index.
    I’ve been think about locations and I wondered if it was possible to use your shop or a neon display as a backdrop. I don’t have a large kit of lights and stands etc. maybe just a couple of flashes at the most and it would be brief.
    I have to set up at Concorde from 11am and soundcheck shortly after so should be free from about 2pm ish.
    I’d happily accept any ideas you had for backdrops, props or alternative locations and will stay away if you don’t have the time.
    All the best

    Matt Farrar