1992 Chicago USA, and Andy Doig fell at the feet of Neon. His return to England saw a meteoric rise from admirer to craftsman in just two years.

Under the wings of London’s top specialist neon house, Argon Neon, he cut his teeth on West End musicals, popular TV and independent film.

Learning the particular design and creative methods required for neon seemed second nature, “Understanding the whole process is part of the Art form for me. I love working with glass, and get equally excited installing in a gallery space or abandoned warehouse”


He set up Fishtail Neon Studios in the seaside town of Brighton “Slap bang on the beach” twenty years ago.

Finding fresh thought and ideas from his surroundings, journeys and personal encounters, Andy’s art is always connected to his heart.

He still remains the director, producer and author to all his neon art.

• • •

Andy Doig started making neons for artist commissions in 1992 while apprenticing with Argon Neon, London. Clients included Liliane Lijn and the Mondrian Art Society. He went on to produce original pieces namely the 3D neon sculpture “Argon Tree,” and other forms that played with plasma within glass vessels.

His first art show was held in May 2004 where he exhibited at “Pop!” alongside Faile, Jamie Hewlett and street artist Banksy. The show that attracted audiences of over 7000. His brief was to fill a disused pit measuring 40ft square in an underground basement. The light installation used steel sign relics with mechanical chasers and randomisers.

In February 2008 Andy exhibited at “Saints and Sinners” at St Martins Lane Hotel London, had his first solo show at Ink_d gallery Brighton, entitled “Love is in the Air” and collaborated with Dan Baldwin on Swallows and Skulls.

About this time Andy also began his first collaborations with Pure Evil, London, Tina Keene for Tate Modern, and Mark Anstee’s ‘Hoodie’, Madder 139 gallery.

Andy Doig

Following that in 2009 Prescription Art invited Andy Doig to participate at the Barra Volante art show, with Ericailcane and Cat Johnston, Old Music Library, Brighton. Andy installed his 14ft 80kg 3 dimensional Oak and Neon cross suspend on chains, and twin neon / bulb wall crosses.

In 2010 Andy Doig was asked to exhibit at Le nuit Blanche, Brighton.

Realising another kinetic sculpture, “Ravens in the temple”, It comprised an animated display of a Rookery taking flight across a 30 Meter building facade. The installation took 3 days and was lit for 5 hours.

Filmed by Dominic Poetry Anna Battersby
Andy Doig was then invited to exhibit at The Garage gallery on Brouwersgracht, Jordaan district, Amsterdam. Under an exhibition entitled “Kings of Neon”.

Further works were shown in Rotterdam for the Annual RAW Art Fair.

2012 was the year of Andy’s Second Show at Ink_d. “A Fun Affair” Focused on his passion for fairground art.

In 2013 Andy exhibited works in Bloomsbury, and created new works, including ‘Glass Tiger’ for his second appearance at The Garage, Amsterdam, in a groupshow alongside Sweet Toof, Shepard Fairey and Broken fingaz.

His third Kinetic sculpture ,’Sex is Art’; an installation 3 M high and 15 M long in a WW11 Bunker in Dalston London. It was commissioned for the art group Bootstrap in December 2013.

The show was hugely exciting as it was a rare opportunity to use Neon in a totally immersive environment.Other notable installations include a 3M by 3M neon clown face commissioned for ‘Far Rockaway’ Bar, Hoxton, curated by Ben Oakley.

While his fresh designs continue to be shown and sold at Ink_d gallery Brighton, he has welcomed attention from Galleries in Greenwich and Soho and also to show permanently at Libertine, “Nine Streets” Amsterdam.

Working from his Studios on Brighton seafront, Andy Doig remains involved with art installations in Ibiza and is available for support in commissioning art installations for overseas neon artists showing in the UK.

His neon art and fairground crosses sell internationally.