Andy Doig Working At Fishtail Neon Studios

Andy works in a neon studio on Brighton seafront. He creates limited edition artworks and takes on commissions from industry and private clients. He also hosts regular neon workshops.

Andy Doig began glass bending at the British School of Neon in 1992. Under the wings of London’s top specialist House Argon Neon, he cut his teeth on West End musicals, popular TV and Independent film.

The creatively led commissions and ethos of building everything in-house began to focus and distill Doig’s vocation as an independent neon artist.

“Understanding the whole process is part of the art form for me. I love working with glass; it now seems to be second nature. I’m beguiled by the history of neon making, so I maintain the traditional techniques, and twist them to fit the future. I also get excited installing neon –  in a gallery space or abandoned warehouse, it’s part of my hands on approach.”

He set up his own neon studio in the seaside town of Brighton, ‘Slap bang on the beach’ in 1995.

Finding fresh thought and ideas from his surroundings, journeys and personal encounters, Andy’s art is always connected to his heart.