Portfolio Of Work By Neon Artist Andy Doig At Fishtail Neon Studios
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Recent work

All work made by Andy Doig at Fishtail Neon in Brighton

Sick by Andy Doig
Neon Jelly by Andy Doig
Silver by Andy Doig
Neon Smiley
Smiley Face
Electric Maryland
Neon Mask
Neon Mask for Nike
Neon Mask For Nike
Neon Tiger
St Danny
Burger and Fries
Neon Pink Flamingo
Typhoon Lamp
Candyflake Cross
Neon For Chloe
Hand On Heart
Raspberry Festival Neon Cross
Abstract Neon Art
Custom Neon Heart
Signed With Love
What Did I Do Last Night?
Spit It Out
Que Es
Neon in Ibiza Hotel
Brighton’s Palace Pier in Bubblegum Pink Neon
Buffalo With Neon
Buffalo private commission
Dragon Neon
Crosses installed in Flying Coffin Art Show
Neon Eye by Andy Doig
Don't Break My Heart Neon Art By Andy Doig
Sex Is Art
Neon Sign by Andy Doig
Andy Doig with Pure Evil
Sorry We're Dead, by Andy Doig
Neon Skull By Andy Doig
Working At Nike in London
Electric Juvenile Cross
Bubblegum Cream Neon Cross
Punk Neon Pink Cross
Work for Nike in London
Work for Nike in London
Work for Nike in London
Neon Chairs by AndyDoig
Yes, Yes, Yes by Andy Doig
Show by Andy Doig
Neon Sofa by Andy Doig
Putting On A Face by Andy Doig
Hotel Es Vive
Kiss Me Quick
Urban Sea Textile Tower at Shangri-la 2017
Yeah neon art by Andy Doig
Style is the answer to everything
Sex is Art
Eat Me
Neon Cocktail Glass
Think Bigger